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Beware "Jaw Breaker" Latches


esterday at 6:06pm ·

So let's talk about the horseshoe latches that we call "jaw breaker latches" in a previous post. There is nothing inherently wrong with these decorative latches. It is the horse who can reach them and decides one day to play with them. Catching his lower teeth in the "horseshoe", then jerking back (a natural equine response to being caught) can result in a fractured jaw like the previous post.

Take a look at each of these photos. Decide if the horse can reach the latch to play with it. If not, like on a few of these pictures, you are probably safe. If he can reach the latch, consider filling the space between the bars of the horseshoe with mesh, expanded metal, sheet metal, duct tape.....anything to keep the jaw or teeth from becoming caught. Or you may end up with a case similar to the one I posted yesterday.

Go ahead and make your comments on the photos as to what you think.


*** Warning *** The picture on the facebook page is of a horse with a break to his lower jaw...

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