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Understanding the Equine Foot

Scoot Boot

"The better you know the INSIDE of the hoof, the better you will understand what is going on with the OUTSIDE of the hoof - the capsule. "

Understanding the Equine Foot Part 1

Posted on Jan 08, 2018

Well, I've been searching and thinking and trying to figure out what we can discuss that would best help YOU, the horse owner, trainer, even farrier and veterinarian or professional Hoofcare Provider this year, new year, 2018.

I think we need to fill in some gaps ...

We've discussed the parts of the hoof, their function, how they should be trimmed ... but we've never really gone over the FOOT of the horse. The foot, of course is what makes up the hoof ... and is the FOUNDATION of hoofcare in general.

The FOOT is the inside of the hoof capsule.

We all have heard that the capsule of the hoof should 'mirror' the horse's foot - inside BUT ...

Do we all really KNOW what comprises the FOOT of the horse?

I think that knowledge needs to be the very cornerstone of our mechanical care for hooves in terms of structure as well as the base of our understanding in the overall care of our horses' hooves.


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